Keto Sweets 4 Mixed Flavour Pack

Keto Sweets 4 Mixed Flavour Pack

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Our No-Baked Mixed Pack are Keto, Sugar Free, low-carbs and diabetic friendly.

Our No-Baked Mixed flavour pack: 

Our No-Baked sweets make perfect low carb Keto desserts. They are also gluten free for those that are craving sweets but have a gluten intolerance. These treats will help you to stop reaching for desserts that are high in processed sugar and will keep you fuller for longer especially when you are trying to stay on the keto diet. Check out the nutritional value for more detail. We are local and located in Peterborough, Ontario. Canada.

Featuring items: No Baked Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge, Sugar Free Chocolate Peanut Dough Bars, Sugar Free Lemon Coconut Balls and Coconut Lemon Squares.

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